SARI Energu

South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration

Bilateral Initiatives

Workshop on “Power Markets Development in India: Key Lessons Learnt“, April 2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

For the benefits of power sector professionals in Bangladesh, SARI/EI jointly with the Power Division under the Ministry of Power Energy and Mineral Resources (MPEMR) of Bangladesh, held a workshop on the lessons and learning from the evolution of Indian Power Sector. The workshop primarily covered the key laws, policies and regulations, and the role of Transmission Agencies and Power Exchanges in the development of Indian Power Market. The workshop was held at Mukti Hall, Bidyut Babhan (Power Cell premises, Power Division), Dhaka, Bangladesh on 21st April 2016.


Mr. Nasrul Hamid, MP, Hon’ble State Minister, MPEMR, Govt. of Bangladesh, inaugurated the workshop.

SARI/EI Scoping Mission to support Nepal, November 2014 and March 2015

Towards enabling power sector entities in Nepal for achieving the objectives of the India-Nepal Power Trading Agreement, SARI/EI held a scoping mission in November, 2014 to Kathmandu, Nepal. The mission aimed to compliment the Power Trade Agreement (PTA) signed between India and Nepal which has been critical in the emergence of donor and multi-stakeholder efforts across CBET between the countries. The SARI/EI mission formulated opportunities to advance Nepal-India electricity trade and defined a time-bound program to assist the Government of Nepal and its power sector institutions both in the public & private sector. A follow up definitional SARI/EI study mission to Kathmandu was held in March 2015. A key result of the mission was the elaborate capacity building programs are being held by PTC India.