SARI Energu

South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration

Policy Regulatory Framework For CBET

SARI/EI Task Force-1 for Coordination of Policy, Legal and Regulatory Issues deals with issues related to the policy, legal, and regulatory aspects of Cross Border Electricity Trade. TF-1 members are regulatory authorities, energy/power ministries, and policy-making bodies. TF-1 works on harmonization of policies and regulations, framework for licensing, open access, tariff and trade negotiations, dispute resolution mechanism towards creating sustainable market conditions for investment and the implementation of CBET projects. The following studies are conducted by TF-1

Border electricity trade in South Asia taking place only between Bhutan-India, India–Nepal and India–Bangladesh are through bilateral G2G arrangements, based on case to case negotiations. Policy and regulatory provisions, institutional frameworks and a few other aspects promoting and facilitating CBET exist but are not exhaustive in nature. The region envisages a manifold increase in the quantum of electricity by the end of next decade. To achieve this the existing electricity laws, regulations and policies structures will need to incorporate the minimum regulatory/legal/policy requirements for enhancing CBET expansion. Eventually there needs to be provisions that promote border electricity trade.

TASK FORCE-1 Studies