SARI Energu

South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration

TF-2 Studies


Assessment of the Electricity Trading Potential of the South Asian countries The study which is close to its culmination is looking into the existing long term Demand-Supply projection scenarios of the participating countries and the expected developments in the next 10-20 years by taking in to account the CBET potential as a means to meet the additional demand of power by each country and/or by exporting surplus power through CBET to other South Asian Nations


Harmonization of Grid codes, Operating procedures and Standards to facilitate/ promote Cross Border Electricity Trade in South Asia.

The main objective of undertaking this study is to: a) Review of the Grid Codes of the respective South Asia nations covering procedures/codes/ standards such as Power system operating procedures, protection code, metering code, connection code, planning code, system security, demand estimation systems, outage planning, recovery procedures etc. b) Identify relevant provisions in each of the above documents operating procedures/ Grid codes and standards that have the potential to impact “cross border electricity trade”; and c) Suggest possible measures with necessary changes to be made in each of the above of the respective SA countries to facilitate/promote optimal and economic “cross border electricity trade” in the South Asia region and  developing recommendations for necessary changes or additions required in the operation procedures/ Grid codes/ standards/ institutional structure etc. in respective South Asian countries.