SARI Energu

South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration


Integrated research and Action for development (IRADe) to provide Technical Knowledge support /assistance to the South Asia Forum For Infrastructure Regulation (SAFIR) Working Group On “Regulatory Cooperation to Facilitate Knowledge sharing, addressing Cross cutting Energy/Electricity Regulatory Issues and Capacity Building in South Asia” under existing South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration Initiative (SARI/EI) Program being funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Terms-of-Reference-SAFIR-Working-Group-Regulatory-Cooperation-to-Facilitate-addressing-Cross-Cutting-Energy-Electricity-Regulatory-Issues-Capacity-Building-in-South-Asia-RP-SARI-EI-IRADe-4   Report on Regional Energy/Electricity Regulatory Institutional Mechanism in South Asia: South Asia Forum of Electricity/Energy Regulators (SAFER) SAFER