Technical  Support
Technical  Support
Technical  Support

South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration

Technical Support

SARI/EI Technical Support programs are conducted by IRADe and USEA (U. S. Energy Association). Though there is ongoing power exchange between India and Bhutan, and power trade between India- Bangladesh and India-Nepal, for a regional electricity market in South Asia, countries in the region need to have minimum criteria of power trading to be put in place. For a regional power market it is required that participating countries will have the fundamentals of power trading such as licensing for electricity traders and ensuring open, non-discriminatory access to transmission services, market regulations etc. are put in place. However, the power sector in the countries of the region are at different phases of development and evolution. Hence there are two distinct focus areas for SARI/EI Technical Support activities.

Bilateral Initiatives

With a generating capacity of 284 GW and a vibrant power market, India has traversed a long way that saw various reform initiatives in the legislations, policy and regulatory fronts. This was accompanied by institutional evolution while it transited from vertically integrated market to a competitive power market structure. SARI/EI has been working towards enabling knowledge sharing and capacity building programs between India and Nepal. Similar programs are now being done between India and Bangladesh.

Support to Regional Organizations

SARI/EI holds various capacity building programs for stakeholder groups across governments, regulatory bodies, diverse power sector agencies and the private sector through highly curated training programs, workshops, seminars, and study tours.