SARI Energu

South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration

Transmission Interconnections for CBET

SARI/EI Task Force-2 for Advancement of Transmission System Interconnection identifies import-export points for technically and economically feasible cross-border interconnections over the next 20 to 30 years. The TF-2 is formulating the required coordination procedures for stable regional/national grid operations in the region. The TF members are from each country’s transmission utilities, and the planning authorities’ system operators. To this end the following studies are being conducted by TF-2.

Cross-border electric interconnections among South Asian countries present a potent opportunity, given the proximity of the transmission networks, the significant diversity in natural resources, and demand variation across the region. The power systems of Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh are already connected to India. Interconnections also provide a cost-effective way of enhancing the reliability of all sub-systems, and delaying or reducing, the long term need for capacity to maintain the reliability standard for individual sub-systems. Even if all sub-systems (individual nations) suffer from power shortages, there are still opportunities to trade electricity as it provides appropriate signals for more economic utilization of existing capacities and utilize change in consumption behavior to suit the market conditions. Differences in daily load conditions and seasonal variation in load as well as generation provide ample opportunities for the South Asians nations to optimize the use of regional resources even in the current circumstances. Technical and operational benefits arise out of the opportunities to optimally plan, implement, and operate the available/new generation and transmission capacity.