SARI Energu

South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration

TF-1 Studies

TASK FORCE-1 Study-1

Review and analysis of Electricity Laws, Regulations, Policies and Legal Structure prevailing in each South Asia country and to recommend changes and amendments in Electricity Laws, Policies and Regulations of South Asian Countries for promoting CBET

The study-1 under Task Force-1 on Electricity Laws, Regulations, Policies and Legal structures of South Asian countries, was successfully carried out. The study identified the minimum requirements (critical ingredients) to facilitate CBET in South Asia. It also reviewed international power pools and regional trade arrangements to understand the good practices around the world and brought out the Regional Regulatory Guidelines (RRGs). The RRGs are set of guidelines on common regulations, rules and protocols in technical, operational and legal matters for harmonization/coordinating of electricity regulation from the perspective of promoting CBET in South Asia. It will primarily aid the national electricity regulators of the South Asian countries for developing a regional regulatory framework and for decision making on CBET in the South Asian region. Further, the Study-1 has come out with its 2nd report on “Suggested changes/amendments clause/section wise in the existing Electricity Laws, Regulation and policies of SA countries for promoting CBET in South Asia Region across”. These suggested changes/ amendments can be considered by governments of South Asian countries as a base for aligning their legal, policy and regulatory frameworks for promoting CBET in the region. This report also covers country wise proposed long, medium and short-term roadmaps for implementation of these suggested changes and amendments

TASK FORCE-1 Study-2

Review of the prevailing investment friendly policies/guidelines/frameworks/FDI regimes in each South Asian country and to develop Regional Investment Friendly Policy and Investment Framework for promoting investment in South Asian power sector and in CBET

An ongoing study at SARI/EI is reviewing and analyzing current investment trends in South Asian Power Sector and policies/guidelines/regulations/frameworks related to investments prevailing in each South Asian country’s power sector and border electricity trade. The study will assess its impact on the investment in South Asian Power Sector and particularly in the regional power and CBET Projects. The study is thus developing a Regional Investment Policy Guidelines (IPGs) and a Regional Investment Framework for Promoting Investment in SAPs and particularly in the regional power and CBET Projects.

TASK FORCE-1 Study-3

Building Consensus and developing a white paper on South Asian Forum of Electricity Regulators (SAFER)

The white paper on the creation of regional regulatory institutional mechanism for coordination of electricity regulations is now under progress.