SARI Energu

South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration

Think Tank Forum Phase – I

Think thanks are an important channel for positioning CBET in the national priorities of respective countries. These think tanks are important agencies in leading advocacy for new initiatives by engaging politicians, institutions, and other influencers, for institutionalizing the roles of CBET in the realm of energy security and climate change agendas of these nations. As part of the SARI/EI program activities, South Asia Think Tank Forum (TTF) for regional energy cooperation was founded under SARI/EI in the year 2016, as an outreach and dissemination forum, intending to engage policy makers, media, parliamentarians and bureaucrats, civil society and citizens to prioritize, fast track and push the agenda for CBET.

Vision and Mission

To be the leading forum in South Asia for promoting Cross Border Energy Trade (CBET) and addressing the energy security challenges of the region through a robust network of think tanks and advocacy platforms.

Objectives of Think Tank Forum

The core objective is to create an outreach and dissemination forum, to
  • create awareness and disseminate the work done and impact created by SARI/EI in the fourth phase, to the wider audience, including – policy makers, media, parliamentarians, and bureaucrats, civil society and citizens.
  • to prioritize, fast track and push the agenda for implementing CBET

Impact of Think Tank Forum Phase- I

Think Tank Forum Phase-I reached out to more than 20 think tanks across South Asia. The think tank forum engaged with a variety of stakeholders from different categories, like politicians, bureaucrats, government representatives, civil society, citizen action groups, bilateral and multilateral development agencies and media for driving a cohesive narrative for dissemination. The Forum brought out the following important studies:
  • Implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) for Renewable Energy in Sri Lanka (Slycan Trust) Download the Report
  • Impact assessment of CBET on gender and livelihoods in Nepal and Bhutan (CUTS International) Download the Report
  • Assessment of socio-economic impacts of electricity trade between India and Bangladesh (International Centre for Climate Change and Development) Download the Report

Think Tank Partners

Independent University (Bangladesh) Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (Bangladesh) CUTS International (India) Institute for Integrated Development Studies (Nepal) Slycan Trust (Sri Lanka)