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Regional Energy Partnerships

Since 2000, USEA has established partnerships in Energy Markets, Energy Policy, Transmission, Distribution Utilities, Regulation, Disaster and Security Preparedness and Response, and a Forum for Energy Journalists. 

Active regional, issues-based energy partnerships:

The objective of the Regional Energy Partnership program is to develop and strengthen long-term relationships among key stakeholders and decision-makers in South Asia to discuss and resolve issues in regional energy development. The partnerships encourage the development of policies and regulatory and investment infrastructure, to encourage private sector investment in the region. The partnerships also assist in improving transmission and distribution operations and management both nationally and regionally. The program is implemented through a series of executive business trips (2-3 per year) held in South Asia and internationally.

Presentations and other documentation from previous partnership activities can be found in the SARI/Energy Library listed by topic and country:

For more information on the SARI/Energy Regional Energy Partnership Program contact:

John Hammond (USEA)
Program Manager

Sarah Blanford (USEA)
Senior Program Coordinator for SARI/Energy
1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Ste 550, Mailbox 142
Washington DC 20004-3022
E-mail :
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Tel : 001-202- 312-1230
Fax: 001-202- 682-1682

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