USAID SARI-Energy What We Do

Technical Assistance

South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy (SARI/Energy) provides some Technical Assistance in the program’s focus areas. SARI/Energy’s TA activities focus in the following areas:

  • Regional cooperation on energy issues
  • Energy Markets
  • Cross-border Energy Trade
  • Clean Energy
  • Increasing private sector role in the energy sector
  • Peer Exchanges

Some of SARI/Energy’s previous TA efforts also focused on:

  • Regional cooperation in energy efficiency
  • Strengthening regulatory bodies

For more information on the SARI/Energy Technical Assistance Program contact:

Sarah Blanford (U.S. Energy Association)
Senior Program Coordinator
U.S. Energy Association
1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Suite 550
Washington, DC 20004
Tel : +1 202-312-1230
Fax : +1 202-682-1682

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