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Peer Exchanges

Peer Exchanges are intended to take advantage of different regional experiences in the energy sector and thereby enrich the ways in which energy issues are addressed in individual countries.

For example, energy professionals at a specific organization in each of two countries switch locations for a defined period of time to learn about systems and experiences utilized in other country and adapt relevant approaches to their own organizations when they return home. The design calls for each organization to benefit because the energy professionals in each organization will be learning about the ways things are done in another country and they can bring back that information and use it to suggest modifications in procedures and systems in their own organization. To be effective, each organization makes a commitment to be open to new ideas from the exchange country to improve their own energy systems. Further, each organization agrees to develop and implement a program of activities for the energy professionals coming from the other country that exposes those professionals to a variety of relevant experiences and involves them in systems operation to provide hands on practical experience to the extent possible.

The Exchange is intended as a working assignment during which decision-makers and technical participants have the opportunity to work side by side with counterparts from partner organization(s) in the region. The Exchange is a unique learning opportunity structured on a case-to-case basis to take advantage of an opportunity to visit, observe or participate in an innovative practice utilized by other stakeholders within or outside of South Asia. It involves one or several individuals and can last from one to three weeks (longer if appropriate). The matching of individuals between organizations will provide an interchange of ideas that will benefit the receiving institution as well as the visitor.

Implementing Organizations

  • Tetra Tech
  • USEA

Desired Outcomes

To promote the sharing of best practices in energy trade, policy analysis and reform, and energy sector planning throughout the South Asia region.
To provide a professional, on-site working experience for the leaders and decision-makers in the project.

Illustrative Programs

Participants might concentrate on the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of training. Participants may visit a location to observe the management of a power pool, or to discuss power sector restructuring, pricing options, competitive bidding, performance and risk assessment; alternative contracting, structuring cross border trade agreements. The Peer Exchange is not intended to provide formal coursework.

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