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Second Application Workshop on Efficient Energy

Management And Renewable Energy

November 17 - 19, 2008

Hotel Sheraton, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Day 1: Monday, 17 November, 2008

INAUGURAL Session: (Master of Ceremonies – Ms. Reba Paul)

0900 − 0905                  Meeting brought to order with guests seated and speakers called to the dais.

Ms. Reba Paul, Joint Secretary and Gender Coordinator, Bangladesh Renewable Energy Association (BREA)

0905 − 0920                  Welcome Address

Ambassador Mr. Muhammad Zamir - Chairman, BREA &
Former Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

(Call for a minute silence in honor of Late Mr. Quamrul Islam Siddique)

0920 – 0935                  SARI/Energy Program Overview

Highlights on Women in Energy - Mr. S. Padmanaban,
Regional Program Director, SARI/Energy, USAID/India, New Delhi

0935 – 0950                  Keynote Address – Ms. Denise Rollins, Mission Director, USAID/Bangladesh

0950 – 1000                  Address by Special Guest

Ms. Shireen Kamal Sayeed,
Assistant Country Director, UNDP-Bangladesh

1000 – 1010                  Address by Special Guest

Dr. M. Fouzul Kabir Khan, Secretary, Power Division, Ministry of Power, Energy and Minerals

1010 - 1025                   Address by the Chief Guest

Dr. M. Tamim, Special Assistant to the Chief Advisor,
Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources
Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh

1025 – 1030                  Vote of Thanks Mr A K D Sher Md. Khan, SARI/Energy Country Coordinator for Bangladesh

Introductory Session I
(Moderated by Mr. S. Padmanaban, Director, SARI/Energy)

1100 – 1115                  Introduction to SAWIE - Ms. Mercy Thomas, SARI/Energy, USAID/India, New Delhi

1115 – 1215                  Working Group Presentations

Status of Activities since the First Workshop in Kerala, by Working Group Leaders:
Ms. Reba Paul, Bangladesh - Renewable Energy Technology/Green Architecture
Ms. Tara Shrestha, Nepal - Micro Finance/Income Generation
Ms. Rukshana Zuberi, Pakistan - Capacity Building/Best Practices/Information Sharing
Prof. (Ms.) Anoja Wickramasinghe, Sri Lanka - Gender Streamlining

1215 - 1245                   SARI/Energy Small Grants Program – Ms. Ekta Bhardwaj, Consultant, PA Consulting, New Delhi, India

Introductory Session II:
(Moderated by Mr. Khurseedul Islam, Senior Adviser, Sustainable Energy for Development (SED), GTZ Bangladesh)

1400 – 1420                 Issues of Women in context of Energy sector in South Asia

Prof. (Ms.) Anoja Wickramasinghe, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka


1420 – 1440                  BREA’s role for Women in Energy

Ms. Reba Paul, Joint Secretary and Gender Coordinator, BREA, Dhaka, Bangladesh


1440 – 1500                  Energy, Gender and MDGs

Ms. Shireen Kamal Sayeed, Assistant Country Director, UNDP, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Technical Session I – Gender Streamlining/Gender Auditing
(Moderated by Prof. (Ms.) Anoja Wickramasinghe, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)

1530-1550                     Gender Awareness on Renewable Energy Promotion

Ms. Parvin Sultana, Member, GEN and Former Deputy Director, REB, Gender and Energy Network, Dhaka,  Bangladesh

1550 - 1610                   Best Practice from Bangladesh - Role of Grameen Shakti in Women in Energy

Mr. Dipal C Barua, Managing Director, Grameen Shakti, Dhaka, Bangladesh (with video presentation)

1610 - 1630                   Best Practice from India - Women “Energy Clinics” - an experience from Kerala/India

Mr.  K M Dharesan Unnithan, Managing Director, Energy Management Centre, Kerala, India (With video presentation)

1630 - 1650               Mainstreaming Gender in promotion of Biogas in Bangladesh

Mr. M A Gofran, Biogas Specialist and Consultant, Grameen Shakti and Vice Chairman BREA, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Day 2:   Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Technical Session II
Energy Efficiency & Conservation/ Renewable Energy Technology / Green Architecture
(Moderated by - Engr (Ms). Ms. Asma Huque, Managing Director, Prokaushali Sangsad Ltd. (PSL), and
National Focal Point, ENERGIA and Coordinator, GEN-Bangladesh)

0900 -0915                    Local Government’s Involvement  in Bangladesh in Promoting Renewable Energy

Mr. Tanweer Husain, Project Manager, Sustainable Rural Energy, Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) Bangladesh

0915- 0930                    Impact of Rural Energy on Economic Development

Dr. B D Rahmatullah, Chief Engineer, Rural Electrification Board (REB), Bangladesh.

0930- 0945                    Energy Efficient Lighting

Prof. Dr. Shahidul Islam Khan, Director, Center for Energy Studies, BUET Bangladesh

Technical Session II (contd...)
(Moderated by – Ms. Shireen Kamal Sayeed, UNDP, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

1015 – 1030                  Oil Pricing –UNDP Regional Experience

Dr. Nandita Mongia, Coordinator, Regional Energy Programme, UNDP Regional Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

1030 – 1045                  Importance of Green Architecture Today

Prof. Madumita Roy, Architecture and Professor, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

1045–1100                    Efficient Energy Management

Engr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Energy Auditor, Energy Audit Cell, Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, Govt of Bangladesh

1100– 1115                   Green Architecturethe Kerala Experience

by Dr. Merle Kindred, Volunteer Communications Consultant, COSTFORD, Kerala/India

1230 – 1800                  Field Visit – Grameen Technology Center

Day 3 - Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Technical Session III Energy Enterprises, Micro Finance, and Income Generation
(Moderated by – Dr. Dipal C Barua, Managing Director, Grameen Shakti)

0900 – 0915                  Case Study: ‘From Manufacturing to Micro financing of Women Cooperatives on

Renewable Technologies

Ms. Farzana Husain, Research Engineer, Prakaushali Sangsad Ltd. (PSL), Bangladesh

0915 – 0930                  Harnessing CDM Financing to promote renewable energy in Bangladesh

Prof. Dr. Ijaz Hossain, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, (BUET)

Technical Session IV
Capacity Building/Best Practices/Information Sharing (Moderated by Ms. Rukhsana Zuberi, Senator, Pakistan Parliament)

1015 – 1045                  ‘Energy Efficiency’ – ‘Empowerment of Women for use of Improved Cook Stove (ICS) to

save energy and improve health’

Dr. M Khalequzzaman, Sr. Adviser, Sustainable Energy for Development (SED), GTZ-Bangladesh. (With video presentation)

1045-1100                     Success Story in Bangladesh for promotion of Renewable Energy and role of Women

by Mr. S M Formanul Islam – Company Secretary and Senior Legal Counsel, IDCOL Bangladesh

1100 -1115                    Information sharing from India - Renewable Energy initiatives and role of Women

– Ms. C K  Jalajakshi – Associate Fellow, TERI, Bangalore, India

Concluding Session (Session Chair:  Mr. S. Padmanaban, Director SARI/Energy)

1130 – 1200                  SAWIE Working Groups – Action Plans

Ms. Reba Paul, Bangladesh
Ms. Tara Shrestha, Nepal
Ms. Naeema Halim Omer, Pakistan
Prof. (Ms.) Anoja Wickramasinghe,  Sri Lanka

1200 – 1230                  Workshop Summary – Ms. Reba Paul

Closing Session: (Session Chair:  Mr. S. Padmanaban, Director, SARI/Energy)

1230 – 1245                  Presentation of Recommendations from the Workshop, Ms. Reba Paul

        • Valedictory address -  Ms. Shireen Kamal Sayeed,

        Assistant Country Director, UNDP-Bangladesh

1300 - 1330                   Distribution of Certificates

1330 – 1345                  Chief Guest’s Closing Remark: Mr. S. Padmanaban, Director, SARI/Energy

1345 – 1400                  Vote of Thanks – Mr A.K.D. Sher Md. Khan, SARI/E Country Coordinator for Bangladesh

Side event
(1500-1600)                  Demonstration of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Appliances by:

GTZ (German Technical Cooperation)
Grameen Shakti
Advanced Engineering Ltd
Prokaushal Sangshad Limited (PSL)

1600 – 1700                  Open for Networking among SAWIE members

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