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Success Stories

bullet Applying the Social Merchant Bank Approach to Help the Poor in Nepal

USAID's SARI/Energy Program has partnered with the Small-Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund (S3IDF) to promote the application of its Social Merchant Bank Approach (SMBA) in Nepal. The SMBA fosters small-scale investments and related enterprises for infrastructure services the poor need for economic growth by applying the technical, financial and business organizational innovations common in large projects.

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bullet USAID Promotes Women-in-Energy Initiatives

The USAID SARI/Energy Program has initiated a Women-in-Energy network in South Asia. The initiative was launched in April 2008 with a regional workshop which was held in Trivandrum, India; in partnership with the Energy Management Centre (EMC). The workshop resulted in a declaration being adopted by the participants and the formation of the SAWIE (South Asia Women-in-Energy) network.

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bullet USAID SARI/Energy Small Grants Program – First Round

The USAID SARI/Energy Small Grants Program (SGP) seeks to build the capacity and increase the number of local institutions engaged in regional energy issues. The SGP has been one of the main vehicles for increasing public participation in SARI/E projects and for raising awareness and involvement at the grassroots, local, regional and national levels by improving business and livelihood practices in SARI/E countries.

bullet USAID Advances Small Hydropower Development in Nepal

Working hand-in-hand with CEDB, PA Consulting, the USAID Institutional Contractor, designed the framework of a fund which would aid developers in acquiring licenses and proceed with actual small hydropower infrastructure projects. Stakeholder consultations were held over a period of six months, a pre-launch event was held for potential investors, and CEDB adopted the fund framework in late 2008. CEDB sponsored a formal launch of the fund in November 2008, opening it investors.

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bullet Regional Clean Coal Partnership Program

The Regional Clean Coal Partnership (RCCP) Program was initiated at a regional workshop in Kolkata, India in September 2008. The RCCP program was initiated in response to the significant demand for coal in the SARI region and the resulting impact on regional security. The RCCP program has been designed to support regional energy security through the promotion of Clean Coal Partnerships. The discussion, interaction and deliberations among the participants and the speakers during the regional workshop and site visit was significant and has established the groundwork for continuing interaction among SARI countries.

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bullet USAID Promotes Energy Efficient Lighting in South Asia

The USAID SARI/Energy Program has partnered with the Sri-Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA), and the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (LRC/RPI) of Troy, New York, to establish a Regional Lighting Centre (RCL) in Colombo, Sri-Lanka. The objective of this initiative is to establish regional resources that would act as a catalyst to promote the adoption of energy efficient lighting technologies, programs, and best practices throughout the region.

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bullet USAID Supports Bhutan Renewable Energy Exploration

The USAID SARI/Energy Program supported collaborative activities between the Royal Government of Bhutan and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Boulder, Colorado, to explore solar and wind power potential in the country. As a first step in this collaboration, NREL developed solar and wind resource data and maps for Bhutan, which identified the most resource rich areas of the country. The data products were consolidated in a Geospatial Toolkit with geographic and political features to consider in tandem with resource data for potential development sites.

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bullet Afghanistan Power Sector Capacity Building Program

Under a tri-partite agreement between USAID, the Government of India, and the Government of Afghanistan, USAID-SARI/Energy is implementing an Afghanistan Capacity Building Activity. This program is designed to strengthen the capacity of Afghanistan power sector professionals through twinning and other capacity building programs with Regional counterparts, primarily India. SARI/Energy has partnered with the National Power Training Institute (NPTI) for this capacity building program. NPTI, being the national apex body in India for training and human resources development in the power sector, is well situated to lead the training portion of the activity.

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