SARI Energu

South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration

Analytical Study to Assess the Potential of Gas/LNG for Regional Cooperation in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal & Sri Lanka

  27th July 2021, delhi

The consumption of Gas/LNG is expected to rise in South Asia in the near future. In Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, the industrial sector is the main contributor to growth in the gas sector. Recently, the Indian Prime Minister in his address at the inauguration of the 450-km long Kochi-Mangaluru Natural Gas Pipeline in Karnataka, India, mentioned that the share of natural gas in India’s energy basket will be more than doubled from existing 6.2% to 15% by 2030, energy sources diversified and the country will be connected with one gas pipeline grid to help bring affordable fuel to people and industry.

Recognizing the importance of Gas/LNG as an important constituent of South Asia’s energy basket, USAID’s South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration (SARI/EI) program has undertaken a study to assess the potential for exploration, production, and trade of gas in the BBINS (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka) region. The report assesses the potential of Gas/ LNG for Regional Energy Cooperation covering:

  • Dependability on LNG and affordability on a long-term basis
  • Economic value that Natural gas / LNG offers over other fuels to the consumers in the region
  • The potential and opportunities for regional cooperation
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